Flight Services

Taxi flight

We are located 80 meters from the Terminal at Hemavan Airport!
We also operate out of Ammarnäs. Our helicopters can take between 4-5 passengers depending on type. Price is mainly set depending on flight distance. Please scroll down to our map to see prices or contact us for an offer! 20 kg of luggage is included per passenger.

Would you like to create a unique experience for your colleagues or friends? For example, how about a company meeting in the wilderness free from the modern society’s constant distractions? If it sounds interesting, we have the perfect solutions, also including a private chef!

We always strive to do our best and fulfill our customer’s high expectations!

Payment for our taxi flights or hunting & fishing trips can be made either at the base or directly in the helicopter. Accepted payment methods:
- Swish
- Credit/debit card
- Invoice after agreement

Hunting & Fishing

2 ½ hour from Stockholm and you are in the middle of the wilderness!
Fly from Arlanda Airport with NextJet directly to Hemavan.
Our helicopter base is located only 80 meters from the terminal.

We can help you to the most amazing fishing waters in the Tärna- & Vindelälvs mountains.

If you are looking for great Moose hunting we can assist with that too.

We have several accommodation options, and a good tent is of course also an option.
With “Heli-fishing” or “Heli-hunting” you will discover new hunting grounds every day.

Hotels are located in Hemavan and Ammarnäs.

Please contact us for more information!


Heli-Skiing season stretches through the late winter period into early spring and Tärnafjällen is one of the few places in Sweden that are suitable for this. Heli-skiing is the ultimate ride, if you have once tried it you won’t want to settle with less!

We use one or more helicopters for heli-skiing depending on your groups size and we always use trained mountain guides.

Other Helicopter Services

We can offer a wide variety of helicopter services, we list a few of them below.

If you have other requests, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

  • Lifting/building, e.g. transportation of concrete

  • Flight training in cooperation with Heli Air

  • Transportation

  • Sightseeing

  • Fire services

  • Film and photo flights

  • Power line inspection and de-icing.

  • Where do you want to fly?

    We are located 80 meters from Hemavan Airport terminal. Please see the map below for price examples out of Hemavan (click on the red dots). We also operate out of Ammarnäs, for price information from Ammarnäs we kindly ask you to contact us directly.

    Click on a  on the map below to show a price example of the destination.

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    Har du någon vän eller familjemedlem du vill överraska med en fantastisk upplevelse eller ska du på semester till Stockholm? Då har du chansen att upptäcka staden på ett helt vyvidgande sätt! Vi kan hämta upp på Arlanda. Från utgångspunkten på Tjusta har vi servering i vår lounge, där ni erbjuds lunch eller måltid i samband med flygningen!

    Flygning över Stockholm - 30 min

    995 kr / person (i ett sällskap på 5 personer)

    Flygning över Skärgården - 45 min

    1395 kr / person (i ett sällskap på 5 personer)

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    • Ammarnäs Gården
    • Hemavans


    • Hemavans Cykel- & Fiskecenter
    • Berglunds Järn
    • Hemavans Fjällcenter
    • Nature IT


    • Peab
    • FT Roslagen
    • Svenska Turistföreningen

    Om Oss

    Vi är ett litet sammansvetsat gäng med en modern helikopterflotta. Vi flyger bara med turbindrivna helikoptrar, dvs helikoptrar med jetmotorer och alla våra piloter har gedigen erfarenhet.



    Välkommen att kontakta oss för bokningar av aktivitet, alternativt bara en helikopterflygning!




    0768 - 66 62 00



    • Helikopterflyg AB

    • Hemavan flygplats

    • 920 66 Hemavan


    • Helikopterflyg AB

    • Tjusta Gård

    • 195 96 Rosersberg


    Johan Baalack

    0705-11 50 00

    Ludvig Berg

    0706-31 25 49

    Jonas Mattsson

    0768-41 28 61